A rampage of appreciation

Someone said once that being grateful makes your life happier. Today I wasn’t very happy after the events in my beloved Catalonia so I decided to give it a go.

I want to say thanks to Catalan people for showing me how much you are capable of. Thanks for once again making me proud & reminding me why Catalans are amazing. Thanks for fighting while I’m in another country, for resisting and being strong. Thanks for your peaceful protest. Thanks for putting up with all this b.s. I am proud to call myself a Catalan.

I also want to thank the Spanish government. Thanks for showing us and the world how little they respect Catalan people and their right to decide what's best for their future. Thanks for showing us that their only way is the use of violence. That they don't have any good arguments or reasons against the Catalan cause. Thanks for reminding me why I don't want to be part of this lie called Spain. Thanks for reminding us that the sons and grandsons of the Dictator are still pulling the strings in this so called “democracy”. A democracy that beats their citizens when they dare to think for themselves. Who oppresses their citizens only for wanting to decide their future or speak a different language. A language and a sentiment that was here before they arrived and will be here long after they are gone.

Thanks for showing us one more time how little you respect people who are different than you. That has a name. We all know it.

Thanks to the EU government. Once again you've showed us which are your real interests. Hint: not people's wellbeing or respect. Thanks for showing us how, one more time, you decide to look the other way when people is suffering.

Thanks to my international friends who, although they didn’t understand why this was happening, realised that the actions of the Spanish police were definitely disproportionate.

I also want to thank my Spanish friends. Those who support our cause and defend our rights. The basic Human rights. Those who listen and understand and are always willing to discuss in a respectful way. I also want to thank my other Spanish friends. Those who didn't ask me if my family and friends were ok. Those who are always second guessing the reasons behind the Catalan cause. Hope is clear enough now.

Maybe it’s true.You do feel better when you are grateful.

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Núria Rovira ha dit...

Gràcies pel teu recolzament tata 😘